When you don’t quite know what to say…

This week on BBC R4’s The Today Programme, was a lovely tribute to Seamus Heaney – with the presenters speaking in hushed and suitably referential tones about the great writer. And it struck me how fortunate I am to have met the revered poet. (The Hay Literature festival, back in the day when my books were actually published.)

Just recently, in Hawaii of all places, Tom and I got to play golf with Jordan Spieth, former world no.1, winner of 3 majors and $38m at just 25 years of age. Nice work, young man. (Every pro tournament has a pro-am held on the Wednesday – and this event being the Sony Open and Sony owning Spider-Man whose current incumbent is…)

I am only ever star struck when I meet people who do things that I can’t. Jordan Spieth is a good example then, given that I play golf but not in a way that Mr Spieth does.

And I felt similarly last night when I met Brian Regan after his first ever show in London – which the whole family attended because Brian is the Holland family’s favourite comedian.

Yes, you read this correctly and I am completely okay with this.

Because Brian Regan happens to be one of the very best comics working today.

The Leicester Square Theatre has established itself as one of the most important comedy venues in the UK – given that Bill Burr chose it for his debut UK show and now plays arenas and the like – a trajectory that Brian can follow if he so desires.

Meeting Brian after the show was definitely a moment for me. He was gracious and polite and pleased that his daughter accompanying him for this trip got to meet Tom.

Stand-up comedy done badly is a truly gruesome affair.

A phrase I coined goes…

There is nothing quite as loud as the silence of an audience when a stand-up comedian is on stage.

But when it does well, stand-up comedy is exhilarating. A unique art form with a higher laugh quotient than any other.

Comedians are not normally so generous to one another. A tale of a comedian dying on-stage travels further and quicker than a comedian triumphing.

I tweeted Jeff Green in the week that Brian Regan is a comedian I watch through my hands – because his stand-up gets a reaction from an audience that despite my best efforts…

But watching him last night was a pleasure for me – matched by how thrilled I was to see Nikki and my boys all rocking with laughter. Bravo Brian.

If laughter is a medicine and a great healer as we are told – then seek out the comedy of Brian Regan – everyone doing so, will owe me.

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