Working Hard

Two things occur to me listening to this clip…

That a strong work ethic is a talent in itself and one that Tom has relied heavily on throughout his short but already significant career. During his time playing Billy in Billy Elliot, it was noteworthy how bloody hard Tom worked and something I make mention of in Eclipsed – best demonstrated by his angriest of Angry Dances and how this marked him out to the show’s ‘creatives’.

Just an aside, I cannot abide the collective noun ‘creatives’. Although as a comedian, author and a writer, I create my output and yet I would never call myself a ‘creative’. Far too pretentious for me – or in more plain speak – too wanky.

And my other observation from this clip is my glib reaction to Tom avoiding his tutors on his first film set – surely the sign of an irresponsible parent. Truth be told, not being academic myself I have never felt particularly beholden to prescribed education for my boys. The basics aside, which are essential of course. Literacy and numeracy. Reading and writing are core skills, absolutely.

But that said, I do feel that a large amount of formal education is fluff and bluster – and that the most important educators of children are the parents by their example – and then by children themselves and what they glean for themselves.

This is why I chuckled at the prospect of Tom swerving his tutors.

Nikki on the other hand has been enormously invested in our boy’s formal education and whatever examinations they have passed is entirely down to her (and to them) and she frequently accuses me of being remiss.

2 thoughts on “Working Hard

  1. Lorraine says:

    A strong work ethic will always stand to you. It is no secret that Tom definitely has that by the standard of his work – Angry Dance being a prime example, as you have said with the enormous effort Tom put in, he would frequently throw up with exhaustion afterward this particular number. He has carried this work ethic throughout his career. Schooling isn’t for everyone, education is not confined to school but life as well. I think all of your your boys have done well Mr &Mrs Holland.

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