Wow, this internet thing…

A rare thing when anything technology wise works for me but I have news to share, aside from new Instagram stories and two successful vlodcasts on youtube with more planned…

Although my website is ‘terrible’ according to any number of people who tell me so on-line and it needs a complete overhaul… which is on my ever growing ‘to do’ list, those of you who have read Eclipsed, will know the phenomenon that is Rural Arts and gigs in village halls. Back in the day, I used to charge off stage from village hall gigs in order to pick Tom up from his performance as Billy Elliot at the Victoria Palace Theatre in London’s glittering West End. A chastening experience which did not augur too well for the future but at least it made a for a good anecdote to include in my book.

On my site currently, you might see a tab called – Book a show near you – and because of this, on October 11th 2019 – yours truly will take to the stage at Goring-on-Thames, at their village hall, no less.

Call me arrogant, but these shows are well within my grasp and skill-set. I might not be considered for stand-up slots on telly anymore – but I can still rock a room and I will do so in Goring come October.

If like the people of Goring – you fancy a laugh – then get in touch via this site and together we can make this happen.

Have jokes – or embellished stories, really – and within reason, I will travel!

Here now I had planned to include a clip of me doing stand-up, only this website tech informs me of an ‘error’. Of course, why wouldn’t it. Said clip is though on my Instagram- @dommoholland and when I have a chance to collar any of my bloody offspring, it will be on here also.

Until then, you will have to trust me.


A true and happy(ish) story


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