You know in Eclipsed, a chapter called ‘I need a hero’. Well…

Not that he needs any more brownie points – but nonetheless, Tom banked a further batch for himself by flying in from Canada to surprise his mum’s belated and impromptu 50th celebrations last night. Ably supported and accompanied by Harry, Nikki did the appropriate mum thing and burst in to tears – as I did when I got up this morning and saw the state of the bloody house.

And this morning, we are one more down – as Tom and Harry flew back to Montreal for Chaos Walking – and had the temerity to take Sam with them.

And then there were one.

It is now just Paddy at home. This is not good for Paddy. He misses his big brothers and his parents now have only one child to nag.

This will be the making or breaking of young Paddy Holland.

Only time will tell but my money is on…

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