8 thoughts on “A beautiful novel, free all day long. Crazy I know…

  1. Renata Hollander says:

    Dominic Congratulations! very happy day more comic comedian ever! I hope you have the best day of all. Spend the day on which his family, I would like to congratulate you in a way … you could say” striking” but I leave this letter I wish the best for today, his birthday: D Have the best day ever! Happy May 6 (: I love Eclipsed and I hope everything goes well in your family. Have an excellent day.

  2. Carla Lee McLachlan/Busflower says:

    Thanks for that – I bought my copy, but it is worth every penny so far (still busy with it). Really enjoying reading it, well written and loving the characters. Huge shock I wasn’t expecting but now settled down and enjoying the story 🙂

  3. Busflower / Carla says:

    By-the-way, the shock was what happened in the story, not that I was enjoying it!
    Right so finished it now and found it a good read and made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I liked the very different characters and how they all got on, at times not, and generally how they interacated with each other.
    Did not like the way you dealt with the boy in the school who groped and slapped the girl (sorry) – he got off far too lightly! I was ready to call the police on him lol!
    Overall I enjoyed the whole journey of the book, quite an emotional one, but with a good few laughs along the way.
    Very best wishes Dom.

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