A perfect irony?

Nice of the producers of The Impossible to release the DVD on my birthday (yesterday).  It made for an exciting trip to HMV. The whole family were in tow but Tom and I went up to the counter together. I half wondered if he might get recognized from the box. He didn’t.

‘I’ll get this Tom.’ I said all dad-like as Tom gallantly grabbed for his wallet. This is a job for a dad all day long – to buy his own son’s DVD.


Nice one, HSBC – so I’m a day or so late? – and thank you Halifax for stepping up and being a little more lenient. 

Tom didn’t seem to notice – so it is odd then that I am writing this post now.

On a separate note – over the weekend – I heard romours that a famous comedian living in Kingston was about to arrested on sexual charges. And I am happy to report that I was not nervous at all. On neither being famous or having any past sexual encounters for which I could be arrested. Assuming, poor sexual stamina is not yet a crime.  Boom Boom.

4 thoughts on “A perfect irony?

  1. Alex Goodman says:

    Sounds very ironic indeed. You may remember me from a while back – I commented on the ‘butterfly stroke’ sketch. I purchased The Impossible on BluRay on Monday and saw it with family. Its still as powerful and moving as when I saw it at the cinema. On another note, I finished reading Eclipsed which was thoroughly interesting and funny. Its nice to read a book which has a different perspective and approach to it and Eclipsed is very well written and engaging. Tom’s story is very interesting to. He did a superb job in the film and I’m looking forward to seeing his new film How I Live Now. As a young freelance film maker having graduated at the end of last year, I have various shorts and videos in production and have nearly completed my 2013 showreel. I also recently completed a two week placement with ITV Meridian. I’ve recommended eclipsed to various people too and they have started to read it.

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