On your toes at guffaw…

Driving to a gig last night in Walthamstow at Guffaw Comedy – a club I have never played – my head was full of other stuff.

I knew that I was closing – I had an idea that I was doing longer than 20 minutes and that there was a rumour that a ‘special comedy guest’ was on before me – which didn’t bother me very much. If the ‘special guest’ does show up – it is unlikely to be anyone who really impresses me and if I need to do longer on stage – then that’s fine also.

The gig is run by Susan Murray – who I don’t think I have met before – but she is very nice about me on twitter – so maybe not!

When I arrive, Susan is chatting with Chatty Man himself, Alan Carr. This concentrates my mind immediately. Shit – I am following Alan Bloody Carr – albeit doing new material.

Most comedian’s new material (mine included) is largely rubbish. But Alan Carr’s is not. Most comedians have to say funny to get their laughs. And then there are a few comics who just are funny – like our Alan.

He assures me that he will only do 10 minutes and the gent that he is – he leaves the rapturous audience after exactly his allotted time. I took to the stage with some trepidation – and so credit to the lovely Susan Murray and her great club and the audience of Guffaw – because Holland managed to deliver too.

Do check out @thatsusanmurray and her fab club – Guffaw Comedy – and also get along to see Alan Carr – at a packed arena near you soon – or even better, in a room somewhere over a pub…



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