A brush with the law…

Last evening, flying into Phoenix, Arizona was a whole new experience.

Sitting at the front of the plane, Tom and I had the honour of disembarking first and straight off the plane are 3 police officers and I wonder who they are waiting for? Someone causing trouble aboard at the back of the plane? Someone with a package of contraband in the hold?

Such is my naivety because of course, they are there for Tom – on account of the gathered fans waiting both airside and land-side for him.

And a good job too as they surround him and scrabble for his scribble. It is all very frantic and a little unsettling but something that comes with his role and place in life.

By now, another police officer has arrived on a push bike and as well as that a golf cart pulls up which I am about to learn is for Tom – to get him from the airport to his car.

The officers announce that Tom is about to leave – ‘his cart is here people, Tom needs to get going.’

Tom is ushered on to the cart as the fans continue to swarm and get swatted back. Naturally, I go to join him on the cart but I am met by the hefty outstretched arm of an officer.

‘Hey, back up buddy. This is not for you.’

But luckily Tom recognises me and I make it on to the cart. Naturally, Tom is in hysterics and the officer is aghast and apologises profusely.

It was unnecessary and I assured him as best I could. After all, I am a realist. I don’t expect people to connect Tom and I on our appearance. And in fact, if this were the case, it is unlikely that Tom would be the film actor that he is.

But what does hurt, is that this cop doesn’t read my blog… I mean come on, what does he read online? Do some research why don’t you…

Last night, the Eclipse got even darker and thank God that I found it funny.

Onwards people…

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