A happy and sad day chez Holland…

Yesterday was full of mixed emotions.

We began the day as a family of 6 (a rare thing these days) – but we lost a child during the day and so ended up as a family of just 5 again.

Not because Tom was chauffeured to Heathrow for a long flight in a big seat but because yesterday was Sam’s turn to head out in to the big brave world albeit not in the mode that his older brother is accustomed to. ‘Sam Travel’ was much more normal. A train in to London to catch a coach from Victoria bound for France. We all went with him to see him off. It was happy and sad – and funny when we pointed out to Tom what a coach looks like and that ‘coach’ also means airline seats that don’t turn in to beds!

But yesterday was a thrilling day also because we launched the second event of The Brothers Trust – a limited edition signed print of Tom – taken by James Dunn. The whole venture is explained on thebrotherstrust.org and I am pleased to report that the response has been fantastic with ‘buy it nows’ and raffle tickets being snapped up from the world over.

Throughout the day, it was exciting to see sales as different territories across the world wake up and get on-line… and checking sales this morning was much more fun than checking out how the English cricketers are faring down-under.

The campaign has just six days to run – ending on Sunday 10th at 5pm GMT when we will draw the raffle – which means that next Sunday will most likely be even more exciting again…

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