and the winner is…

Ahead of the Sony Open in Hawaii this January, which Tom is scheduled to attend and where the standard of golf is likely to be very high with players like Jordan Spieth teeing it up; it felt like a good idea that Tom might get a little practice in. You know, hit some balls, smooth out some swing wrinkles…

Regular readers of this blog will know that golf is the game in the Holland household and that the rivalry between father and son/s is keen and no more so between Tom and I.

The ‘Eclipse’ being complete in show-biz but still not so emphatic on the golf course.

And so if proved yesterday with the older man using his guile and determination to beat the super-hero! And yes, I did enjoy it and yes, I did rub it in.

I even signed my ball and presented it to the young Mr Parker as a momento.

Speaking of signed merchandise – today is day 3 of 7 in The Brothers Trust’s campaign to raise money for James Dunn’s #fightEB – all the details at for how to support and win.

And for those people unable to support – but who still want some Holland signed merchandise, there is a golf ball signed by me in a bin at Richmond Park…

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