A leveller…

Not easy making a living in the arts.

Certainly, the odds are firmly stacked against with millions taking aim and so few hitting the target let alone the bullseye.

We are familiar with statistics about how many actors are unemployed. Variously 90-95%.

And I can attest to the reality that most authors can only dream of reaching the dizzy heights of minimum wage as their hourly rate.

Further insecurities since any job/career that is over-subscribed, tips the playing field against the masses and in favour of those already ensconced with nepotism frequently at play for legs up.

This explains my shear relief at not being famous myself (still trying?) since no one can accuse me of helping Tom up the greasy show-biz pole and nor did he attend a gilded school that so many successful actors crop from.

But everything in context I guess and with perspective…

At a recent family gathering, Tom was being politely bothered for autographs by people of a certain age – people that is, who can’t work smart phones and have grandchildren.

One chap, a refined Indian man was puzzled that Tom did not have a degree.

“But when are you going to complete your education?” He asked.


At the time, Tom was with Sam and Harry and they probably started to enjoy this exchange. It’s an exchange that I’ve had many times with people, when they don’t know who my son is and they are aghast that he might be pursuing acting as a career. A false dawn if ever there is one.

Meanwhile, back at the do…

“But acting is not a proper career…”

Tom politely explained that he was pretty confident going forward. That he has stuff lined up…  All three boys are now itching to get to the reveal. But they are about to be confounded…

“Anyway, I have two boys and they are fans of your films, especially Spider-Man, so can I have an autograph for them and also when can you come to my house to have pizza with them.”


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2 thoughts on “A leveller…

  1. Sanjnq says:

    I’m from India and this is so relatable. Shared this with all my family, surprisingly they found it funny, And now i wonder if they got the joke? If they realized that the joke was on them!

  2. Kenisha Ghotey says:

    I know this is late but I understand how you must have felt to an extent as being an Indian, I know that some of us are extremely old fashioned and it really is sad. Tom is an amazing actor and person and I really feel sorry on behalf of the man that the country is as it is.

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