I have never been woke or trendy. I don’t even remember being down with the kids, when  I was a kid and so last week, I felt very current and modern when I was required to wear a dress for a commercial casting.

Comics of a certain age who happen to be pale, male and possibly even stale are in no position to dictate what they do and what they do not do in exchange for their corn – and in the casting waiting room, I was pleased to see a raft of colleagues – nice to catch up (commiserate) and to wish them well for the casting, but not too well, obviously.

The end client didn’t up the credibility stakes much either – as they happened to be a well-known dog food manufacturer – and not the brand that we consider good enough for our Tessa.

The casting went well though. Surprisingly well and I left feeling that I had fully acquitted my comic prowess. I felt funny and comic as my look was completed from this image by a neckerchief and a wig. Definitely, in with a chance, I thought. Worth dragging myself in to town…

Alas, that I am writing this post means that somehow I have been passed over. Clearly, someone must have been funnier than me, imagine? Some other bloke has been cast by now and will have to weigh up his fee against the worry of appearing so attired on national TV.

The last commercial I did was way back when and on that occasion I was completely butt naked – so this would have been a step up and in the right direction.

And prescient and I smiled when I spoke with Tom just now. Audi have approached him for another campaign and they too want him to dress up – in a Lycra outfit which I couldn’t pull off but it seems to suit him rather well. Nice work if one can get it.

Onwards people…

A true and happy(ish) story

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