A Man’s Life typos

My thanks to two Pauls for pointing out the typos that have sneaked through and remain in my new novel, A Man’s Life.

One of these Paul’s – is Paul Farrington, a camera man on The Wright Stuff. Paul is a cool type. All I need to really tell you, is that he has a skateboard and that he mountain bikes and you get the correct image. I was very flattered that Paul came to my book – because in his own words – he doesn’t read much fiction. As well as being very kind about the book, Paul provided me with a list of errors.

The other Paul, I do  not know. Paul Newton sent me a lovely email but with a caveat re the typos – and so I have spent this morning ironing these out.

Thank you to them both and to all the people who’ve read my books – (and assuming you enjoy them?) do please write reviews on the various sites – as I am told that reviews are the key to  the success of an ebook.

My apologies also for not blogging for a while.

I just needed a break –  and now I am back.




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