Finally, I get to hear the seductive word, ‘action’

It has been an exciting couple of days.

A short while ago, Tom announced that he intended to shoot a short film and busied himself with various storylines, none of which were particularly suitable. But then, sitting in the back garden one evening, a storyline suddenly emerged and a train was set in motion.

Originally, it was going to be shot by ourselves. Can’t films be shot on phones these days?

But then things changed.

Tom sent a script to his agents in London and LA. They all approved and even got quite excited – and so we figured that a cameraman with a clue might be a good idea.  And what about sound?


I got on the phone.

And this week, everything came together and the film was shot. Tom directing and starring his younger brother, Paddy and his Grandad Bob.

We finished it this morning – and as Tom was needed in the final scene, finally, I got to call action.

But my moment of glory was short-lived and normal conditions of ‘eclipsed’ quickly reasserted themselves.

Tom was picked up at 9am in a limo - for a read through with Ron Howard and the cast of In the Heart of the Sea. Leaving me to write this post and this afternoon, I am clearing out my garage.


2 thoughts on “Finally, I get to hear the seductive word, ‘action’

  1. Dave Ferguson says:

    “…and this afternoon, I am clearing out my garage.”
    Does this job fall to the male in the family with the fewest acting credits?
    Great blog today!

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