A special Sunday…

A very special day Sunday just gone – and not because I chalked off another year on planet earth but because we held our fourth Brothers Trust Event – a screening of Avengers Infinity War.

We were not a full contingent – with Sam and Harry being in Australia – but Tom was ably supported by Paddy and Tess was even outside the cinema to greet the people who had travelled from as far as Canada, Texas, China, France, Holland, Switzerland…

It was a great occasion – albeit tinged with some sadness because James Dunn was another absentee. We all remembered James and gave him a big round of applause.

The sun shone brightly and so did Tom – greeting the fans, chatting with them and where necessary, calming them down!

Over £50,000 has been raised from the event – every penny of which, Nikki will now distribute to very worthy causes, so our profound thanks to the many people from across the world who participated.

At my stage in life – birthdays are no longer celebrated – and so the day was extra special for me because with everything going on, I was able to forget my particular milestone.

So mark it in your diary for next year – as it is likely from now on, that May 6th will become a regular date for Brothers Trust events…

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