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Good morning everyone,

Because I hope this site can become as much for people who want to write – as it is a site to promote my writing and books – I wanted to write a quick post about the writing process – and how it is never over.

What I mean by this, is that a novel is never really completed. There are always improvements that can be made but there will come a point when the author just has to give up on it. It is the ‘ready enough’ and this is usually in the context that a publication date is looming. Even for independently published novels (which is far greater than traditionally published books) – and the author is not constrained by a precise publication date, the manuscript will still have to be settled on.

I am scheduled to publish my new novel, Made in England on Jul 3rd – and is a good case in point. The manuscript has been throughly written and pored over by me and some dedicated people following my Patreon site. The manuscript has been professionally edited and proof read by a clever young man – and given his approval I might add. The cover has been designed and uploaded to Amazon and Ingram Spark – the manuscript also for pre-orders which are now trickling in.

And yet nagging at me still is the idea that it is not yet complete. I can make it better. Recently I was interviewed by a national newspaper re my writing and the fact that I sent them Only in America and not Made in England was very telling.

And with good reason because I have just had Nikki (my wife) who has been with me for everything I have ever written and so is a good judge – read the bound proof of Made in England.

And as well as some errant typos which must be purged – she has some issues with the novel which is useful and a good reason for me to give the manuscript one more pass.

And in doing so, two things occur to me…

That I am enjoying the story and the writing which is a great relief. Some of the writing is strong and I certainly feel is worth reading. But also that there are little changes I am making which I think will address Nikki’s issues and that these will make the novel stronger and more worthwhile.

Everything I publish fits in to this mould – that it can be improved upon. This week my blog got a big reaction and particularly on FaceBook which I hardly ever check. The blog was poignant and heartfelt and also honest about my own shortcomings – and because of the reaction on FB – I felt inclined to click through last night to read it again – and immediately I saw things that I would change…

So keep this in mind. Every piece of writing can be improved upon – but like a painter and an oil painting, there will come a time when it just has to be given over.



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