The winner of the signed copy of Eclipsed…

The book sales from World Book Day are being dispatched now – some have gone already and I am waiting on a delivery of Only in America. The people winning the zoom call will receive invites with their books and the details.

Thanks to everyone who came to the site and your support more generally.

I am delighted to report that this new publishing venture has been a great success to date, albeit selling the same old books! It has been particularly successful for Only in America (my oldest book!!), reaching the summit of the worldwide Amazon FREE chart which is a really big deal. But this makes me ambivalent; that I didn’t do this years ago and excited for what might lie ahead for Takes II, Made in England, Eclipsed Audio… not to mention my backlist, once I can show it the love I have already afforded to OIA.

Those of you with free copies of OIA on your devices, I hope you might find the time to read it and if you enjoy it, then you might feel inclined to leave an online review.

I am posting on this site because I want dominichollandbooks to become the place for all information re my writing – so thanks to those of you who are here now and for following the dedicated IG and Twitter handles.

I am delighted to announce that following a draw for the signed copy of Eclipsed – that the winner is…

Atena Gogokhia

Congratulations Atena and thanks all.

Onwards people.






3 thoughts on “The winner of the signed copy of Eclipsed…

  1. Mashaal says:

    Congrats to Atena! I ordered the new copy of OIA for World Book Day and excited to finally read it without having to stare at a screen.

  2. Atena says:

    OMG, is that true? Have never expected this to happen. Have never won anything in my live.
    Thank you so much for everything. You are too generous.

    • Dom says:

      Hey Atena
      An honest draw and your name it was – I am delighted for you. I have emailed you to check that your address is the same? Congratulations. Dom

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