OIA Launch Post/thanks and results

First up, a big thank you to everyone who downloaded Only in America today and yesterday. It was perhaps a brave (or silly) move to launch a website and an old book on the same day but there is method to my madness.

Going on my blog readership and my usual book/s take up, I was hoping to generate 120 downloads of OIA – and assuming 40-50 of these actually read it – and of those readers if I get 15-20 reviews, this will be a start and something to build on…

But then Tom weighed in with his post on IG…

Obviously, it is an enormous advantage having sons like mine (with their reach) – but its crucial to me that I don’t compromise them by doing/saying something or asking them for something that might not fit for them.

Fortunately, Tom has read and loved OIA. He knows the story well and agrees that it could and should be a great catalyst for my books.

At the time of writing this short post, OIA has been downloaded 11,300 times – and got to No.1 free book on amazon.com

If my conservative ratios above for reads/reviews plays out with this big number, then surely the re-launch of OIA is a resounding success.

I note two people have reviewed it already – top marks and thanks to Hannah and Mrs Rebecca Ackerman – I hope many people who’ve downloaded it will do likewise.

My aim for this week is to get at least one video completed and posted on to this site.

My thanks again to everyone who got involved yesterday – you know who you are.

OIA remains FREE until this evening.







12 thoughts on “OIA Launch Post/thanks and results

  1. Lorraine says:

    I’m delighted for you Dom. Well deserved. It’s a great story. I’ve downloaded it and I’m reading it again. Love the new cover. Congratulations!

    • Dom says:

      This is great to hear – albeit I assume you mean OIA and now you’ve given me a task to write a novel with the acronym OIL.
      Only in Libya might be a challenge too far.
      Thank you for coming to it.

  2. Jen says:

    And there it is!! *BOOM* goes the dynamite! Steady on, now, and keep ’em coming, man. So, so, SO thrilled for you 🙂 And tip my hat to that kid of yours, huh 😉

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