We have lift off…

Welcome to the very first blog on dominichollandbooks.com

No prizes for guessing that its subject is DH books but there  is a gift for you to come, so do please read on…

Only in America, being my first novel is a very important book in my canon (can I use canon?) and indeed it is a pivotal moment (watershed?) in my life and career.

I have republished it recently with no fanfare at all – not even a solitary tweet – preferring to wait for this website to be available and here we are.

The site is practically there now (about 70% I’d say, which is complete enough) and here is the new edition of Only in America, resplendent in its new jacket.

There are many reasons why I have decided to republish…

If only to correct the horrible formatting issues that have plagued the eBook, of which I have long been aware of but in denial over. The most recent reviews ALL make mention of it. Some reviewers have been generous; awarding five stars for the story despite the formatting, but others have been so enraged (no spacing to delineate scene breaks) (don’t ask me how this happened) and awarded poor reviews and fair enough.

Then there is the availability issues, not being available as a paperback since it was first published. Now corrected and about time.

And to support my brand new novel…

Because Made in England is a sequel to Only in America, it makes sense to promote the original with a hope to build interest in the new adventure for my characters, Milly and Jonson. And that both books should be linked by covers in a similar vein.

And more broadly, for Only in America to act as a catalyst to attract new readers more generally, thereby creating uptake of novels I have written since.

Plus, I wondered if the manuscript needed a brush-up and an update?

A few tiny tweaks to the prose and some dialogue but I am pleased that I have left the story untouched and it remains set in its original period because the story of Milly’s endeavour is even more appropriate now and I think it will still resonate as much as it entertains.

And with all of this in mind…

I am delighted to announce that the new edition of ONLY IN AMERICA is FREE today. 

I encourage all of you to download it – a smart-phone is all that is needed – and you might even prompt your friends to do the same. I don’t believe there are limits to the number of downloads and by doing so you will trigger book algorithms (anyone?) and you will be eligible to leave a review on Amazon (I think), once you have read it of course and assuming you enjoy it and feel inclined.

I hope there are no typos or formatting issues. But that said, I am old enough and ugly enough to purge them (again) – so do let me know by commenting on this site – and perhaps not in any reviews you eventually write!

Reviews are crucial for independently published books. The more the better because it gives a book relevance and ballast. The earlier formatting fiasco (and to think that I paid a professional formatter!) and the resulting angry reviews have dented the rating of OIA and this is something I would like to correct.

So thank you if you do get to this and can find the time to review.

And finally, a great reason to republish is because ONLY IN AMERICA is so personal to me and it deserves a better publication. A story that really is a fluke. You see, I hadn’t intended  to be a novelist until this story fell in to my lap. Like so many debut novels, Only in America is my story. My character, Milly is me, until my wife, Nikki (girlfriend at the time, but already very powerful) suggested that the story will work much better with a female lead and as a romantic love story. Sage advice and who am I to argue?

Dom became Milly and I had great fun (and some considerable hurt) writing and seeing this story published.

I intend to pepper this site with videos, subject to my increasingly unavailable (and pricey) videographer Harry Holland – the story of the inspiration behind Only in America will make a great video, so do bear with me (and Harry, also).

So for now, thank you for coming to this site.

Do please download the novel today (while it is FREE) and let’s see where I can take this publishing thing now I am finally getting my shit together.

Onwards people.




Only in America is FREE today and tomorrow I think, (I am hazy on PST and am/pm) as an eBook.







18 thoughts on “We have lift off…

  1. Stephie says:

    Hey of course I switched also from the old to the new site whish you all the best keep doing what you love I enjoy your content and of course books very much super excited for what else you come up with thx for taking us along the ride all the the best take care much love from Germany 😉

  2. Jen says:

    Well done, you! Great news and a wonderful publishing birth after a gestation of very hard work. I have ordered my paperback (‘cuz I’m a paper-in-hand kind of reader) and should have it tomorrow if Prime is to be believed. Review to come! Maybe put a bug in the ear of that ever-busier and -pricier videographer to hire a satellite assistant whilst he is elsewhere or otherwise unavailable 😉 Congrats, Dom! So very happy for you!

  3. Becky says:

    Own it, read it, loved it! I own all of your books, they are amazing! Great first blog on your shiny new site! Can’t wait for Only in England!

  4. Leela says:

    Absolutely love OIA! Cannot wait for the audio & chats for Eclipsed too. A well deserved successful launch (not relaunch haha!)
    Maybe a children’s book in the pipeline? As a teacher and mum I can imagine you penning a comical children’s read.

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