An old school friend

Bumped in to an old school friend the other day. I’m talking primary school here, so going back over 30 years. She recognised me instantly, presumably because of my career?

Dom – she called out and immediately I felt an enormous pressure. This was not a fan. This was someone who knew me – from my past. I don’t have a great memory. Stuff happens in my family which I forget immediately. My wife reckons I have a problem.

But how about this – I plumped for Deirdre McManus and her face lit up. She is married now and had her son with her. It was a great moment – and so much to catch up on, on a tube platform.

Then I wondered if she knew about me and what I am up to. Some do, some don’t.

Turns out that Deirdre has read – how tom Holland Eclipsed his dad – so she knows all about me. And immediately I worried a little. In the book, I make mention of the girls I loved at my primary school. Not all of them – but some of the key and formative first loves. Deirdre was not mentioned.

Could be awkward if she noticed this – and she then mentions it.

How dare you, she joked and we laughed.

Then her son piped up with – my big sister fancies your Tom and we laughed some more…

A small world I guess and a strange one – she loved the book by the way – or maybe she was just saying that to be kind…

3 thoughts on “An old school friend

  1. Louise says:

    Hi Dominic.Love the above post.I have so many fond memories of you and Deirdre
    at Primary School (maybe I should write a book!!!) Oh how time flies….Hope you are well.Louise.x

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