I figure the net is the future

Having spent masses of hours writing books – I have realised that their success is driven by their prominence on-line and to do this – Facebook is a good way forward.

For years I have ignored Facebook – it was something that I just never understood – although I very much enjoyed the film, The Social Network.

But surfing the net today, I came across a book guru called John Kremer – and he confirms my suspicions that FB is a powerful tool.

Following John’s advice, today I have set up a FB fan page for one of my books – A Man’s Life – I don’t think it is terribly good just yet (the page, not the book) and I am waiting for my son, Harry to get home from school so that he can help me.

Then I will ask the world to visit and to like…

So a warning to the world – that the internet should consider itself embraced by DH and that my books are about to sell in their millions…

Any help with this quest, gratefully accepted!



2 thoughts on “I figure the net is the future

  1. Álvaro Cidoncha says:

    Hi Dominic,
    My name is Álvaro, I am a Spanish boy of 16. I do not know if you remember me? I guess not, I wrote to you some time ago. Well … do not worry, I understand.

    This time I am writing to ask you several questions. From the first day I started reading your blog, I knew you were a very interesting person, until now I still think the same. I’m the kind of person who thinks it’s interesting to meet people and share different points of views on a topic.

    The first question is what do you think of Spain? Me, as Spanish, I feel let down and disappointed with my country. There are many teenagers who think like me and we all think that our future is out of Spain. A simple example, my brother has just finished his medical career and how he has not found work here he has had to go to the United States to improve their level of English. So I would like to know your opinion.

    Another question, I remember reading a comment of yours about tennis, and I could deduce that you like it. Well me too, in fact I’m in the Spanish Tennis Federation, so, as usual my reference is Rafael Nadal, What do you think of him? For me, it’s one of the best players ever, but not by their ability or technique, just by his concentration and mental ability.

    Finally my last question is about the movies. Well, more than a question is a recommendation. I guess you, having actors in your family, like movies. Well, the other day I saw a Rob Reiner film, “The Bucket List” Such a great film, starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson, two of the best actors I’ve ever seen. Well, just say it’s worth.

    Here I leave a trailer, if you want have a look (a Sunday afternoon)

    That’s all, I hope you have a great weekend and thank you for spending your time in me.


    • Dominic says:

      Hi Alvaro
      thanks for commenting – and let me say that you write English very well – better than many English people I know. I am sorry that you are feeling low about Spain which is a country that has been so badly impacted by the economic downturn. I hope that things improve for your nation’s youth but I figure that you will be fine, as bright as you are. And finally, Nadal is a hero to all sports fans. A truly great great champion, of whom your country is rightly very proud.

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