And so the story continues…

My youngest son (the one who broke my leg) is my most shy and has shown no desires at all to ever be on stage. So when he was cast as Father Christmas in the school play – a starring role which required him to sing – Nikki and I were both surprised.

We went along yesterday for his stage debut – a more auspicious start than his older brother Tom ever managed – because Tom never secured a speaking part in any play until he landed Billy in Billy Elliot!

Paddy was great yesterday – but it struck me that at his young age, Tom was about to be spotted for Billy and what really occurred is how I do not want the same thing for Paddy. He’s my youngest and we’re keeping him all to ourselves thank you very much.

Perhaps a mistake then – that Paddy is starring in the forthcoming short film – TWEET – directed by Tom and available on here imminently…



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