Another Holland stage debut

Today is the turn for my youngest son to take to the stage.

Given how things have turned out with my kids doing show biz things – no doubt, the youngest Holland will be vastly more successful than his old man within the next few years – as set out and explained in my book – how tom Holland eclipsed his dad –

Report and photos to come – within bias and decency laws obviously.

4 thoughts on “Another Holland stage debut

    • Dominic says:

      perish the thought Derek – it was always supposed to a self contained story that I would not need to update because the endeavours of both Tom and Dom will be plain to see – with being drawing their own conclusions…
      Busy writing new novel which needless to say is ‘brilliant’ and set to become a worldwide smash…

  1. Derek Shakespeare says:

    Yes-I recall you mentioning in an earlier post that a new novel was in the pipeline-I await it’s publication happily-no doubt another great read. Keep well, enjoy the festive season, regards to all.

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