Certificate PG

Exciting news – for the Holland household anyway.

Some of you may recall that over the summer, Tom directed his first short film. Since then, he went off to the sunny Canary Islands to make a  proper movie and I have been calling in all sorts of favours from mates – doing the edit and the music – and I am pleased to say that the film is now finished – all 3 mins of it. I can’t put it on here just yet – because it has yet to be signed off by the director – but I have sent it today and wait for the thumb in the air or not…

And for the TH fans out there – you will be pleased to know that Tom does make a cameo in the film – as do I – his mum, Sam and Harry – but the starring role is played by his youngest bro, Paddy…


4 thoughts on “Certificate PG

  1. Lucy says:

    This will be the most perfect video ever. Tom, Harry, Sam AND Paddy! Not forgetting you and Nicola;) But sosososososososo excited!

  2. trevor ashman says:

    Since I first saw Tom on stage in BETM, I have always hoped you as father would visit the Melbourne Comedy Festival , if not the biggest closest to it.

    BTW was hoping you might throw Tom into the baggage and bring him with you.

    Still hoping and it would be a highlight of your own career as well.

    If you have not thought about it, please consider it .It is in April.

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