Bloke walks in to a pub…

As I did the other night – just off the Strand with my old mate Steve Frost from Whose Line Is It Anyway fame.

It’s an old London pub, tucked away off the main street. Busyish but not so packed. Steve is about 7ft 6 – and with his vantage comes great scope to spot anything worth spotting.

Dom – see that bloke over there in the brown jacket. Greying hair. Tall bloke?

Yeah. What about him?

Pierce Brosnan!

Trying to remain cool and unflustered – in line with my status as a minor celeb myself – I did a double take and sure enough, it was Pierce Brosnan, the movie star.

Steve then spotted a fixed camera and what looked like a crew with a bloke who could be a film director – usually a bloke with suit trousers and trainers. Then Steve spotted the bar staff. They all looked like London bar staff. Students from around the world living the dream - with the exception of one female member of bar staff who had film star looks.

An old hand – Frost explained that they were making a film in this very pub, this very instant.

Sure enough – the drab over-clothes that the beautiful barmaid was wearing was suddenly pulled away to reveal a tight and revealing little number and suddenly – Mr Brosnan himself was at the bar and holding her eye. We were in the middle of a take…

Regular readers of this site – or my book Eclipsed – will know that I have met Mr Brosnan before. In LA don’t you know? With my son, Tom.

When I say met… I just mean, that I saw him and said ‘hello’ and then deferred to let Pierce and Tom chat away.

But the other night, I did for a split moment wonder whether I might go up to Pierce and say hi. We were in a pub and we are old friends, after all.

But readers of this story will know that I didn’t do that.

Not my style.

But a good story though. Made me smile anyhow.

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