Business as usual in LA…

Much to be grateful for here in LA. On our first day, the weather is set fine, Tom’s voice recording session is put back until Thursday and so he has set us up for 18 holes. A chance then, for the old(er) man to put the upstart in his place? What Eclipse?

Over breakfast, a nice lady approaches our table, so nervous she can hardly speak but we were glad that she did because yesterday, her daughter took delivery of The Brothers Trust image of Tom. It was great timing because I could thank her daughter and share the news that yesterday, we transferred £42k to the charity, Debra that fights EB for people like James Dunn.

And then on to the golf course and as ever, I really want to win. Tom suggests that we play off scratch. He gives me no shots and I realise that he really wants to win as well. I agree because this hands me the moral victory although I don’t tell him this.

I win the 1st with par and I start to believe…

After 9 holes, I am six down.

Tom is delirious. My head is thick with jet lag and I assure myself that Tom is used to such long flights and time differences. That’s the only difference.

Ever determined, by the 17th, I have got it back to 1 down. Mysteriously, Tom has developed a sore knee but I know that what is really hurting him is my game.

I bogey 17 – he pars for a 2 & 1 victory and both his knees shudder with joy – and funnily enough without any pain.

So, Tom wins (again) and I can see that for everyone involved, this is the best outcome. I am not saying that I threw the game, but consider my options here?

I am in LA on his ticket, would beating Tom be expedient? Furthermore, we we were playing at this private country club as guests of Tom’s high powered LA lawyer. It is his lawyers club and his lawyer has kindly picked up the whole thing; the green fees, clubs hire… So had won, I would have upset both client and lawyer and I figured that American law as it is and as litigious as Americans are, that I might even be facing a law-suit.

That said, I did comfortably win the back nine holes – so technically speaking, on current form, I am the better golfer – and like I said, I should have been given shots – plus let’s not forget that moral victory which is way more important anyway…

1 thoughts on “Business as usual in LA…

  1. Paul says:

    still think you need to put a little ‘bend’ in his clubs when he’s distracted, toss his putter in a pond, or hide his fav club in the sand trap 🙂

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