You can be an ‘expert’ too?

I always enjoy the ‘experts’ who are interviewed on news bulletins and state facts that everyone knows already.

Terrorism experts explaining that terrorists are notoriously volatile and difficult to defeat.

Retail experts explaining that shops need to be progressive, adopt new technologies and provide their customers with what they want.

Air crash experts explaining that the ocean is very big and that this is an anxious time for the relatives of the people on the plane.

Football experts explaining that upsets do happen and anything can happen in the cup.

This morning on Radio 5 – an expert was explaining the phenomenal success of the Disney film, Frozen. Among the pearls on offer were;

Disney has a good track record in film.

Some Disney films are not a success.

Disney is very good at merchandising product off the back of their films.

Not that I am slating the experts. Take the work that comes along, for sure. I’m just saying, that I am available on any subject whatsoever and based on the above, I am an expert also – and you can be too.


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