Ted Robbins, a dying breed of comedian.

Ted Robbins is a rare comedian indeed -insofar as he supports other comics.

I can remember years ago sitting on the sofa of The Des O’Connor Show at Teddington Studios with Des roaring away as was his way – but I could also hear Ted laughing like a drain also from the audience. Ted was the warm-up man. A comic employed to create a happy atmosphere in the studio – but in no part of his contract would it have said that he needs to listen to a young comic making his debut on the show and even more, to laugh like a drain at his jokes.

Show biz people don’t tend to be very supportive of each other.

When news of Hugh Grant’s dalliance with a prostitute was revealed – I was with a high powered agent and he explained how thrilled his other clients were at Grant’s misfortune.

But Ted is a man happy in his skin and happy to see someone on the up – (as I was back then) and all power to him.

And so I was particularly saddened to hear of his recent illness.

Ted is a great comic – albeit in the mould of yesteryear with pub jokes and quips being his thing – and while every comic knows that he risks death every time he takes to the stage – we never think  death in the literal sense of the word – and it’s good that Ted is in hospital and doing well.

Get back on stage soon mate – where you belong.

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