Come on you Bees…

Today I am taking the Holland boys to a real football match.

The mighty Brentford entertaining Port Vale at Griffin Park.

When I was a kid, I didn’t miss a Brentford home game for five years or so and its about time my boys eyes were opened to football beyond the Premiership.

My twins support Arsenal and Tottenham – until today at 3pm that is – when they experience the atmosphere of a local football ground with players who went to schools just like them – and I hope there will be no turning back.

2 thoughts on “Come on you Bees…

  1. Guy says:

    Hi there, I was wondering if you managed to get your kids into the Bees.

    Why on earth would I respond to a 6 year old post? Well, first off I am Bees fan and managed to get my 3 lads on side, so wondered if you managed the same

    But more importantly I am also chairman of Chorleywood Youth Football Club, CCYFC, where you are hosting a comedy night for us on 1st Feb through Outward Bounds

    Looking forward to saying hi to you on the night, perhaps we can dicuss the Bees promotion push between acts!


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