It’s free today…

It’s free today – and relevant to any people who have been with this blog since the start.

I’d be delighted if people come to the book – and if so, please leave reviews on amazon, elsewhere and let others know about this offer who think might fancy a little bit of escapism.

Here’s the link –

Only in America

Dominic’s first novel – which has taken him to LA for meetings with movie moguls but as yet without  hearing the seductive word, action – but these endeavours now form the unexpected and unlikely spine to Dominic’s only non-fiction book, how tom holland eclipsed his dad.

Reader comments

“This book is quite frankly fantastic” Shaq – *****

“I read ‘Only in America’ in a less than a day – laugh out loud funny, and the characters are already missed” RayKay57 *****

“A fantastically good read” Brian Marples *****

“I laughed out loud in public and I didn’t put it down until I finished it” *****

My upstairs neighbours must have been wondering why I was laughing out loud at 1am. Rob Lightbody *****

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