My first novel, Only in America is free tomorrow on Amazon

This being a new year – and I am busy completing my fourth novel which I hope to finish shortly – and I am keen to generate an expectant readership for it by harnessing the power of the net (something I should have done years ago)…

So I have finally figured out with Amazon how to make one of my novels free. I have chosen my first novel, Only in America – and would ask and encourage any visitors to this blog to download it tomorrow for free and please feel free to tell any friends who you think might enjoy it. The more the merrier as the cliché goes…

It is free all day tomorrow only on Amazon – the link being –

I hope you enjoy the story and if so, I’d be grateful if in due course, you might review it for me?

Thank you

Only in America

Dominic’s first novel – which has taken him to LA for meetings with movie moguls but as yet without  hearing the seductive word, action – but these endeavours now form the unexpected and unlikely spine to Dominic’s only non-fiction book, how tom holland eclipsed his dad.

Some reader comments

“This book is quite frankly fantastic” Shaq – *****

“I read ‘Only in America’ in a less than a day – laugh out loud funny, and the characters are already missed” RayKay57 *****

“A fantastically good read” Brian Marples *****

“I laughed out loud in public and I didn’t put it down until I finished it” *****

My upstairs neighbours must have been wondering why I was laughing out loud at 1am. Rob Lightbody *****


2 thoughts on “My first novel, Only in America is free tomorrow on Amazon

  1. Derek Shakespeare says:

    Having recently re-read my hardback copy of “Only in America” – I can genuinely recommend it .My copy was purchased before the advent of e-books, and, though I love being able to pick up my Kindle, sometimes
    it’s nice to thumb your way through an actual book.Easy to see the space saving advantages, especially if you’re as avid a reader as myself. That said-it’s a thoroughly entertaining book and free is always a good price . Cheers Dominic.

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