Drawing the short straw…

An exciting day ahead for Mrs H as she spends the day on a film set watching her eldest son, Tom – and I should imagine she might keep an eye out for Chris Hemsworth as well.

Then this afternoon and evening, Tom is due at Bafta on Piccadilly. I’m not entirely sure why. He has been included in some programme or other and I know that Burberry are involved. No doubt there will be food, nibbles and an assortment of stars. And then Tom can retire for the night to  The Savoy. Nice.

Tom’s invite to this occasion came with a plus 1 – which could have been awkward had I not been so noble and stepped aside.

And so eclipsed now extends to my marriage as well - because my wife enjoying a night out in the West End and then a swanky overnight at a 5 star hotel, now comes courtesy of her son and not her husband.

I explain to my wife now – that she needed to take a very long term view on the opportunities provided by the man that she married – but boy, I am coming through for her now, albeit via my son!


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