DVD plans

I am pleased to say that the 1 hour stand-up show which is available now as a download – is going to be available v shortly as a tangible disc that I will mail via the old fashioned postal service that we used to rely on.

I’m think a fiver – and in line with some requests, I am going to make offer a free signed book cover of – how tom holland Eclipsed his dad, available to every purchase – signed by me (of some value?) and signed by Tom, who appears in the film (of rather more value).

I am on to this new venture now – so expect an announcement of availability at some point before 2015.


3 thoughts on “DVD plans

  1. Devyn Plett says:

    Hi Dom! I read your book Eclipsed and I really enjoyed it! Your writting is very engaging and witty, and I like how many interesting connections there are between your experiences and Tom’s. Are you still selling signed copies?

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