I met Mrs Carrie Grant…

On The Wright Stuff this morning – I met Carrie Grant – the well known singing coach, One Show presenter and wife of singer, David Grant.

So why have I called this post – I met Mrs Carrie Grant?

Because it refers to her more famous namesake – Cary Grant – (albeit different spelling) one of the all time great Hollywood movie stars. When I was last in the US with Tom – we went along to a swanky luncheon ahead of the Oscar nominations at a famous restaurant in Santa Monica called The Ivy on the Shore – where I was introduced to Mrs Cary Grant, the lady who had been married to the late Hollywood heart-throb.

Anyway, back to Carrie Grant who I thoroughly enjoyed meeting this morning - because there were so many connection points that I could empathise with.

Carrie was on the show to promote a series of children’s books that her and David have devised, written and put together – aimed at encouraging literacy in children using the force of singing. All very laudable I thought but not an easy gig. Children’s books is fiercely competitive and as a writer myself, I immediately worried for them that their books will get missed.

I rarely meet people in show business with four kids. Jack Dee has four but it is rare – so when Carrie said she had four, instantly I felt a bond. I have four kids and so here was a guest who understood my pain. The sock matching alone…

But it turns out that Carrie has a much bigger undertaking than me though. Three of her children have learning difficulties and her fourth child is adopted. Wow, you have three kids with special needs and you adopted your fourth? Are you mad?

I didn’t actually ask this – but I wanted to – and fortunately, since The Wright Stuff is such a long bloody show – such an opportunity cropped up  during the recording because I really needed to understand her reasoning.

‘Because there are too many kids in care.’ Carrie answered, casually as you like.

That is an awesome answer – and my admiration for Carrie and David Grant notched up even further – and there was still more to come.

Turns out that Carrie has crohn’s disease. Google it if you don’t know what it is. It is awful. I have a friend with crohn’s and I always thank my good fortune when he fills me in.

It is a debilitating condition and puts in to perspective the type of person who can deal with it plus three kids and still find enough further love and energy to adopt a fourth.

I also enjoy the idea that Carrie and David are producing these books together. My wife is a photographer and we have just produced a complete range of greetings cards. Nikki did the art work and I wrote the captions. We did them years ago – but only recently had them printed as the recession tightens even more.

And I would dearly like to see their range of books  – Jump Up and Join In become a great success.

Firstly, because I think that they are great little books. Brightly coloured, well written, fun and funky. Complete with CD and all sorts of games to engage young kids and open their minds to books.

But also because Carrie Grant is one of the most impressive guests I have met in all my years of doing The Wright Stuff. She is a lovely lady. I’m guessing David is a good egg also and that together, they are awesome parents – and they deserve their success – and if this little post helps that happen – then well and good.

You can help too. Do check out their work on Amazon – and share this post with other people who have kids who might benefit.






3 thoughts on “I met Mrs Carrie Grant…

  1. @andrewdenman says:

    Excellent blog and so true! I don’t have kids as have been in a same sex relationship for over 25yrs but I have shared it with my friends that do! I will be checking those books out for present idea’ too. excellent!

  2. Busflower / Carla says:

    Completely agree with you re David & Carrie as every time I have seen them on the telly, in interviews or presenting, they come across as A1 people.

    Ps, my nickname Busflower comes from my name – Carla Lee – Car LaLee – car lily – bus flower …gettit? Actually how my husband’s mind works and what he called me 23 years ago.

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