Eclipsed Take 115 – Second Take of the day. A first

I wrote this take in the beautiful Four Seasons Hotel, Beverly Hills, LA – which is entirely appropriate for this story. It is very early in the morning local time and I am unable to sleep – so writing is a good idea, plus I have stuff on my mind…

I’ve been here before, to The Four Seasons. It is the hotel where 6/7 years ago I met Anne Hathaway. We had lunch and just kinda hung out.

(I have never met Anne Hathaway)

Regular readers of Eclipsed will know this, as it was all explained in Take 86).

I was last in LA for meetings about two of my own screenplays. This trip was not a success. I paid for it all myself. So a small seat, shitty hotel and I nearly died a few times driving myself back and forth across LA to meetings in which I wanted to die.

On this ill-fated trip, had someone foretold that in 2012, I would finally return to LA on an all expenses paid four day visit, staying at The Four Seasons via a big seat and all picked up by a film studio – I would have smiled ruefully.

So I was on the right path after all? I can wait 6 years. 6 years in film is nothing.

And now that this trip has come around - albeit for my son’s exploits in film and not my own but I am loving it.

It is both brilliant and hilarious and I couldn’t have made it up.

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