Eclipsed Take 116 – Who’s the daddy?

It never goes down well when we hear actors talking about how hard they work. Not that they don’t but because they are so well provided for.

Yesterday, however, Tom worked himself into a early bed and very extended sleep – completing two interviews with journalists on the phone, a photo shoot for the LA Times and 60 TV interviews, one after another asking him largely the same questions. Keep it fresh Tom.

All of the  journalists were incredibly generous. One after another they showered Tom with plaudits and suddenly I was pleased to be here in LA with him. Not because I wanted to hear such stuff, what dad wouldn’t? But because I need to keep Tom grounded. Only his mum or dad can do this. Everyone else has an interest in bigging things up. I can tell him to go to bed althouth I didn’t need to, as exhausted as he was.

As I type this, he is still asleep next to me. He is completely zonked out but I will need to wake him soon.

Today he has a meeting with an A list movie star about a new film project, then lunch at Naomi Watt’s house and then a screening and dinner this evening with Jack Black.

And tomorrow the LA premiere and the diary end of this story…

There are plently of people offering their professional services at Tom right now. All on the basis that they can make him a star.

But the most important thing in his life right now is to keep Tom being Tom, whatever happens in the next few months. A role for me, his mum, his brothers and his mates.

So I joked in Take 114 about my role on this trip to LA but as it is, my role is the most important of all.

Which means  that I am in LA and dare I say it - but I’m the man!



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