Eclipsed Take 117 – Hanging out…

So Drew Barrymore has seen The Impossible and wants to meet Tom. Right, let me see if we can find a window…

We arrive early at a bar on Sunset Blvd – and I’ve prepped Tom fully about what to expect. That Drew will come with her ‘people’ and we’ll have a half hour or so.

Wrong! How many times can one dad get things so wrong about the business in which he purportedly works?

Drew turns up alone and we chat for an hour and a half. It’s like we all known each other for years. We chat about movies we like and she is super-cool. Music & Lyrics is aTom Holland and Drew Barrymore firm favourite film in the Holland household – and the fact that Tom used some of the choreography from the film for the boxing scene in Billy Elliot was an anecdote we all particularly enjoyed.

And from meeting Drew, we went on to Naomi’s home in LA for a chilled out afternoon with her friends.

Tonight – dinner with Jack Black but enough about Tom.

I have just receieved an email from my mate Dion, who is editing the first ever stand up DVD of Dominic Holland and his email includes some stills.

It was a show with a few firsts other than it being filmed. Tom was there for starters. The first time he has ever seen me at work (outside writing – which I do pretty much all the time at home) – and this is a photo of me on stage.

And yes – this Take has ended up being a shameless plug for the forthcoming downloadable stand-up show from the writer of Eclipsed – “Dominic Holland fighting back!” (This is not the title of the DVD by the way) – but it seems appropriate for now – that I should plug something of mine for a change on the eve of the LA premiere – even though I know the fight is over and I’ve lost – and happily lost I hasten to add…



3 thoughts on “Eclipsed Take 117 – Hanging out…

  1. Steven King says:

    …wow. Having to add a few more stones in his pockets to keep him grounded? Can’t wait for the DVD…will get as soon as its available.

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