Eclipsed Take 118 – people watching

Last night, a screening was hosted by Jack Black for The Impossible at the Chateau Marmont. It is on Sunset Bulvd and is LA’s most elegant and chic hotel. It is also one of the oldest at 85 years old – and like many of the residents of LA, it receives constant work and attention to stay looking ‘fabulous.’

It is certainly a beautiful building. A cocktail party was organised in the Penthouse with views over LA – but without being rude, it isn’t, Paris, London, Venice, Rome, Prague, Budapest. It’s more like Leicester.

Exhausted, I found a comfy seat and let Tom off to mix it up. It’s easier to let him off. Just as long as I can see him. Plus there’s only so many times one can say ‘I’m his dad’ without cramping his style.

Plus I like to people watch anyway – especially when the place is stacked with faces I normally see in magazines. Oh, look, there’s Billy Zane.

Is that who I think it is?

I could hear her talking about the film and Tom in particular and by now I was confident that it was. Tom would definitely want to meet her. Me less so.

Hi, I’m his dad. I made him…  (On how many levels, does this sound wrong?)

Whatever the critics made of it – This Means War has been watched by all the Holland boys over and over. They love Tom Hardy but all really love Reece Witherspoon.

I go out on to the veranda to find Tom amidst the beautiful people and there he is chatting with Dustin (no surnname needed) and so I wait politely for my moment to let him know.

Tom marches up to Reece in a way that I would never do. Mind you, he does have a great opening line,

Hi, I’m Tom. I’m the kid in the film you’ve just watched…

Tonight is the LA premiere of The Impossible – and the formal end to this crazy story of mine. And then tomorrow, we return home to cold and wet London which believe me, is a good thing. For me with a project completed but more importantly for Tom who still has a little bit of his childhood to eek out.

So the end of something and I guess the start of something as well for me and for my family



1 thoughts on “Eclipsed Take 118 – people watching

  1. Jona says:

    If I were Tom, I’d say that line too. Haha.. he was exciting, wasn’t he?!
    He did really great job in ‘The Impossible’, so he’s deserved to have these great chances. Good for him. Good for you too Dom.
    Have a safe journey guys 🙂

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