Eclipsed Take 75 – I like the shade…

As we have just returned home from the Toronto Film Festival – for the world premiere of The Impossible – I thought it might be better to show rather than tell – with the odd caption. My plan is to write a proper take next week – when things are clearer in my mind. All still a bit of a blur.

For now – let me just say – that the Eclipse is now complete – and I am proud and happy with my lot. We long for sunshine and when it finally arrives – we head for the shade. This is where I am now – and as this title suggests, I like it…

On my way to Toronto – as you can see,  not in the best of health – (my apologies for some of these shots being on their side or even upside down – but my software is screwed – the upside down shots are worth putting your neck out for.

We arrive and are put up in The Trump Hotel – a hotel that the Holland’s are unaccustomed to…


Note the discarded and unbecoming footwear in front of the bed – The Trump is more Prada and Jimmy Choo and much less orthopedic air boot.

It’s good being a ‘celeb’ – people give you stuff for nothing. This is at the Variety press conference where New Era hats were available for any ‘on screen talent’ – No mention was made of ‘father’s of on-screen talent’ – but to be honest, New Era hats are not my thing. Had it been velour trousers however…

And this is that press conference – the director JA Bayona flanked by Tom and Ewan McGregor who is one of the coolest and kindest blokes I’ve ever encountered, albeit too bloody good looking for my liking…

For the trip, I saw my role as being Tom’s media coach – helping him with lines and confidence. Typically, as it turned out, I wasn’t needed. 

This was a busy conference and Tom et al had to make way for this guy on the right. I have no idea who he is – but I’m told he’s a big noise…

Back from the press conference and to the safety of our hotel bar. Note our drinking tap water – as this is before we realise that the studio are going to pay for our food and drink. At this news, Nikki sheds a tear, I breathe a sigh of relief and we order a bottle of wine to celebrate.

From here on to an afternoon party where Tom is thrilled to meet Blaine from Glee. He’s a lovely guy and is very kind to Tom. Not a watcher of Glee myself, I leave Tom to it. I don’t want to cramp his style.

Tom seen here chatting with Ben Affleck and Helen Hunt. As you do… I know and admire both of these actors but again I stay away. Same reason as above.


“Hi, Woody. I’m Tom’s dad. Loved you in Cheers…” You see my point now…



… and now it’s the turn of The Impossible to premiere and Tom is ready – complete in a suit that has been tailored for him. I decide to stay with my crutches and aircast boot – because I want to have a completey unique outfit. 

Tom is joined by his glamorous mum.




The moment all actors dream off – getting out a stretch to meet your public. I don’t think any of the crowd really knew who Tom was – but they cheered anyway. Nice…


And meeting the media for the first time. “Tom, I’ll be over here if you need me…





“I refer you to the answer I gave some moments ago…”


Tom, with his onscreen parents – and I know what you’re thinking, ‘How could this bloke ever play Dom Holland?’





JA Bayona introduces the film – flanked by Ewan, Naomi and Tom and then to 1800 people, at The Princess of Wales theatre, the film plays to an audience for it’s worldwide premiere…

[youtube qq3PuFZX8jc nolink]

The reaction at the end of the film is overwhelming – especially when it is revealed that the real life family who the film is based on are present at the screening. Nothing is said, but Naomi embraces Maria and the audience just gets it. As the credits roll and the film score plays, the audience are on their feet with many tears I’m sure. I am videoing but I don’t really know where Tom is – and just I was hoping that he might wander in to view, JA Bayona grabs him as you will see in this clip. This moment is my favourite moment of the entire weekend and why I am so grateful to the director for making it happen.

Tom with Saoirse Ronan – an actor Tom met over the summer making How I Live Now. Saoirse was in Toronto for her film, Byzantium and Tom hooking up with her ranks as high as any of his highs over the weekend. 


The next day and another screening of The Impossible – at the same venue. The end of the movie, is followed by a Q n A – which I suppose is a little like an encore, this being a theatre n all. Any comic will tell you that getting an encore is always a thrill. I’ve had my share – but to walk out on to such a stage when the audience have just watched your movie – I have no idea what this feels like at all….

[youtube xXfRBTrWKY0 nolink]

And to round off a perfect trip – with an afternoon to spare, we dived down to Niagra Falls and just as I arranged, the rainbow was there waiting for us. 




Back then we flew home – from Toronto back down to earth – literally – as we all rushed from Heathrow to be on time to pick Paddy up from school.


How was the trip Tom? Yeah, fine…

You had to be there really.


13 thoughts on “Eclipsed Take 75 – I like the shade…

    • Dominic says:

      proof of how useless I am at such tech things – as this has never occured to me – so thank you – going to publish the book next year so any other ideas for propogation gratefully received

      • Valchess says:

        Wikipedia can be very helpful – especially in case that the person’s name starts to appear in the media because of some reason. The statistics shows that Tom’s Wiki article has been viewed 2800 times in the last 30 days. This number is not big (e.g. Ewan McGregor’s article is being viewed about 5000 times each day – that’s the established big star for you!) but I expect Tom’s numbers are to increase radically after his film is available in theatres along with accompanying publicity. Of course, there’ll be no problem to mention your book (when it’s published) in the article. And your blog (if it is renewed regularly) can be helpful too – that’s incentive not to close it! 🙂

        By the way, your own Wiki item is very sketchy (to put it mildly) – although the link to this site is there.

        • Dominic says:

          sure – thank you – I wonder if you wouldn’t mind edting tom’s wiki profile to take out the word ‘personal’ – as I am always keen that the story should focus more on professional rather personal/family stuff…

          • Dominic says:

            and while you’re at it – if you could update my wiki to include Eclipsed, that would be a great help also – I have no idea how to do these things, so thanks in advance

          • Dominic says:

            Lordy _ ive been energised by your comment and tried myself – and lo and behold I think I might have done it myself – if I am deluded – please do your thing…

          • Valchess says:

            I’ve corrected Tom’s article (removed “personal” and two typos). Then, Dominic, I opened your Wiki item… and in my opinion it’ll be no good to add anything to there. The problem is it’s not properly constructed and should be completely re-written, from the scratch. I am even afraid that if one edit your article then that action can attract the attention of some Wiki editors who then they just delete it altogether because the article do not satisfy the Wiki criteria for properly written content. Just compare your item with Tom’s or with (for example) Jack Dee or whoever…

            The article should have a clear structure with sections and subsections, each fact or citation or opinion should be attributed with a reference or link to an external source (once again, just look at other properly made articles). I was able to find info&sources with all the references for Tom because his professional life is short and well documented (and I followed it almost from the beginning), but I am not able to do that for you.

            Perhaps, the best way will be if you write your article yourself as Word document, send it to me and then I’ll create Wiki article as this is just technical work, no problem with that.

            By the way, your current Wiki article (even in its poor state) are viewed about 20-30 time per day. It’s definitely worth to make it properly.


          • Dominic says:

            this is very kind of you – and it’s something that I know I need to get to – and will do so imminently – and might well take you up on your kind offer – best, dom

  1. Stuart martin says:

    Don’t worry about upside down photos Dom they work perfectly in Australia! Congrats on toms movie and hope the foot is on the mend


  2. Sandie Kirk says:

    This take and especially the video have just made me bulb into my cornflakes. How very surreal for you all. I can’t wait to see the movie. Good luck with the book, Dom x

    • Dominic says:

      Hey sandie – thanks for the message – i remember you very affectionately – possibly because I was so HOT – do you remember saying to me to me in Edin – ‘yours is the ticket’ – hilarious now when I think back – I can barely walk – am still doing gigs in pubs – my son is a movie ‘star’ – so if that aint a book worth reading…

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