16 thoughts on “Tring , Hertfordshire – 03/10/12 – stand up comedy show

  1. Claire Blanchard says:

    Just got home from the first Tring gig, it was absolutely brilliant. Always been a fan, now daughter and son are too. Great too see you do stand up again, first saw you at The Old Town Hall in Hemel Hemstead in the early 90s.
    Look forward to the book and Tom’s film.
    Hope Friday goes well, but tonight was special!
    Mrs B of Tring.

  2. David Hamilton - from your most engaging Tring Wednesday audience! says:

    great fun tonight…and no this is not Phil who is probably going to write a computer virus and send to you…and I have no poo parcel stories to share with you either…but I do ook forward to receiving a free copy of your e-book
    when it comes out. Best regards and have great tour!

  3. Carmel says:

    Hi Dominic, loved the show tonight. My husband and his football buddies are going Friday, should make for a livlier crowd! Love you on the Wright Stuff, look forward to the book, thanks.

  4. Alison Hunt says:

    Really enjoyed this evening, excellent! Great facial expressions and lovely big smile! Don’t worry, Tring people ARE a bit weird! Especially on Wednesdays.
    Great to see your son fronting a charity. It isn’t until someone in your family gets a blood cancer that you appreciate what work is done.
    Quite an age range tonight – the youngest in your audience was 12 and I reckon the oldest was my Mum at 82. And she laughed a lot!

  5. Nick Davis says:

    Dom. I really enjoyed tonight’s show. In fact, I considered leaving during the interval as I’d already had my £4’s worth.

    Good luck on Friday.

  6. Shirley Jones says:

    Great show, glad you can stand up again, always useful for a comedian!! Hope you don`t go away from Tring thinking it`s a bit shit!!! Looking forward to the e book, will check out your blog…promise!

  7. Phil says:

    Great gig,

    two poo stories in one night can it get any better friday?

    can’t believe how many kept their heads down( no kids or parents…) seems to be a trend, audences don’t know how/want to interact or perhaps scared of getting picked on.

    Looking forward to Friday bringing the OH.

  8. John Andrews says:

    Really enjoyed the show as did my daughter (and no I didn’t put my hand up). Just as enjoyable as your last visit to Tring.

    I only paid £3 as it was 5 tickets for £15!!!!!

    Friday’s audience are in for a good night

  9. Alan Cornes says:

    Thanks for the laughs on Wednesday, will work on material for being a better audience!
    all the best, from the late Tring banker….

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