5 thoughts on “Tring , Hertfordshire – 05/10/12 – stand up comedy show

  1. Kenny Todd says:

    Really enjoyed the show in Tring last night – some great laughs and some great observations on life!

    Thanks on behalf of a quietly appreciative Tring audience

  2. Richard and family says:

    Thanks for a great show, £4 well spent! Look forward to seeing you again and following Toms career, best of luck. Cheers

  3. Heidi says:

    We came to the Tring gig on Friday, what a brilliant night! Dominic you were extremely engaging, inclusive, relaxed, (and we know why!) and very importantly, brilliantly funny. My cheeks ached (top set) from grinning and laughing so much. You have two new committed fans, thank you! Heidi and Tim

  4. Brendan Maher says:

    Thanks for a great show and not so many thanks for picking on me and my mate Damian ……still, what did i expect sitting in front row etc …… you were v. funny and have made me a fan …. good luck to you and Tom in all that you do …….

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