Edinburgh Fringe – A brief Epilogue

So the Edinburgh Fringe came and went – all 22 shows of The Glory Year…

Big thanks and a special mention to Sam who sat through all 22 shows, albeit with his ear-phones in and on-line I don’t doubt and who can blame him?

Apologies to the people who came along but couldn’t get in – but fear not, because I made a full recording of the show which I plan to make available as a moderately priced download on this site. With my tech proclivities and post fringe-lull, expect this to be available sometime within the next decade.

Apologies to the people who ordered Eclipsed during the festival. I am home now, a new batch arrives tomorrow and I will dispatch then with a complimentary CD of ‘Alive in Tring’ for your patience.

Having the idea to make a CD was probably a good one – but in typical Dom fashion, I hideously over-reached on the projected take up – such that anyone buying a copy of Eclipsed (for a while anyway) can expect a gratis CD also…

For those of you reading this, who are now asking what a CD is… I am happy to know that I have toiled over producing and dispatching, the world’s most expensive ever coffee coasters.

The drive down from the Edinburgh Fringe was a happy one and in-keeping with my life and story so far because we stopped off on the way to visit the film Studio where Tom is busy making Spider-Man Far From Home.

The contrast between father and son is getting wider and thankfully, so is the smile on my face and his and everyone else’s involved…

A thank you also to Nikki and Paddy who also were hard-core and did the whole run with me.

To the many friends and family who made it also

And finally and most importantly, my enormous thanks to the punters who came along and particularly those kind enough to leave a review on-line.

Until next year then, when I debut my new show, yet to be written but provisionally entitled, ‘Where is the bloody Glory!’

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