God’s Game…

I’ve written before on this blog and I say in Eclipsed – that Tom has his mum to thank for where he currently finds himself in life – today heading back to LA for a few meets – as you do.

But I am solely responsible for his golf swing. I suppose, my literal claim to fame. And so I am ambivalent now when we play golf because I am trying to beat him. So, last week, on the par 4 7th – short at 337 yards – when Tom drives the green to 20 feet, any pride I feel is quickly replaced by resentment as I take out my 8 iron for my second shot.

We are playing with two old golf buddies of mine – including John Inverdale who has been the BBC radio anchor at the Open Championship for the last 27 years. Suitably impressed, John gives us a live commentary for Tom’s eagle putt…

Tom will enjoy playing the world’s top golf courses in various pro-ams. The world’s best players will want to play with him not least because they have kids and their kids will want to meet Spider-Man.

But the home of golf is not St.Andrews in the Holland family – but the golf unheralded Sandown Park Golf Centre and the reason for this post today.

The Par 3 course at Sandown has become a Holland thing for many years and started when the boys were at primary school when we founded a Championship on this course. Tom won the inaugural event with 36 shots. Beaten by Harry three years later with 32 – a record which stood until this year when Tom shot 31.

Until yesterday, Harry and I headed out. Harry was never at the races (gettit?) but I was on fire. A par at the last would give me a hallowed 29 – but my bogie was enough for 30. Even before my ball had dropped, I was texting Tom with my news.

So here I am, Sunday morning. Tom is en-route to Hollywood but I sit here as the Champion Holland golfer. Not for long I know – the boys will see to this for sure – and it isn’t much to cling to, but there we are. At my age and time of life…

And finally back to Tom and his eagle putt on the 7th…

He 3 putted for par!

Thank you Tom. I love you man. I really do.

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