Yes we CAN…

A big weekend just gone in the Holland household when we finally completed the Educa 2000 piece soft can jig-saw puzzle.

A fiendish puzzle which is not for the feint hearted but is great fun and a very bonding thing to do. It even gets kids off screens!

Regular readers of this blog will understand its significance.

It all started in Thailand when THE IMPOSSIBLE was being made. Nikki bought the jig-saw and set it up on a table in the dining room of The Orchid Beach Resort. Over the next six weeks, the jig-saw was slowly completed with every cast member and crew chipping in the odd piece. Tom, Ewan, Naomi, the director JA and everyone including the drivers and support staff got involved. Jig-Saws are purely visual with no language barriers, Thai, Spanish, Brits, French and Malay all bonded over soft drinks.

It really merited a chapter of its own in Eclipsed and somehow escaped even a mention.

Anyway, we packed up the completed piece and brought it back to London (carefully), had it framed and hung it proudly in our lounge – until Tom moved out and promptly took his cans with him.

It was obvious what we needed to do…

Nikki went on-line again and the challenge was duly delivered.

What started in December was completed last weekend and it is shortly off to the framers – the puzzle completed by us all with the exception of Sam who has been away in France.

And we have further plans for this puzzle – named for now – YES WE CAN…

On the set of Homecoming 2 – we are going to buy a new puzzle and establish a table for it somewhere on set. Tom will start it off and will encourage his co-stars and all the crew to get involved. It is so compulsive and galvanising, it won’t take too much persuasion.

Our plan is to have the key people of the movie sign the back of the framed image – along with a list of names and job title of everyone who has contributed – and to have a title within the frame – saying something like “This is a YES WE CAN jigsaw, completed by the cast and crew of Spider-Man Homecoming 2 (or the actual title) for The Brothers Trust”

And then on our BROTHERS TRUST website, we will offer this great piece of art as a raffle prize – and all going well, this is something that Tom will do on each of his films going forward.

Watch this space…

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