Gone Girl

As an author who has recently published two new books, naturally I am interested in any book that is described as a viral sensation. Not so interested that I bothered with any of the ’50 shades…’ nonsense – but Gone Girl kept prodding me until I finally relented and got stuck in.

Having finished it, I must say that I think that it is brilliantly written – which is why I was so surprised by the reviewers who took exception to its writing style. I also loved the narrative and the plotting but like many reviewers, I felt completely cheated by its conclusion. Perhaps the writer did originally completely satisfy her readers – but then then commercial considerations screamed in to view. A sequel book is now a shoe-in, not to mention the way that Hollywood now demands franchises.  

That said, the book is a screamingly good read. A compelling villain – and testament to the authors skill that I felt so angry at not getting the ending that all readers will feel that they deserve. 

I finished it on bank holiday Monday – a rare hot day in the UK – and its inevitible adaptation in to a movie has been on my mind as I raced through it. Not an easy book to adapt but what a challenge? As I read I try to imagine how exciting it must be for a writer to know that their work is going to be dramatized.

My son Tom was reading a book also in our sunny garden during our summer just passed  (Monday). It turns out to be a book called In The Heart of the Sea – an utterly brilliant book that would also make a fab movie. I came to it since Tom was cast to play one of the characters in the forthcoming movie – which starts filming in Sept.

Blimey, I guess, reading the book of the movie in which you are about to appear must be even more exciting.

And good for him and his charmed life – and mine too.

Now I must get on with gusto on projects of my own…

Never stop believing people!  




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3 thoughts on “Gone Girl

  1. Derek Shakespeare says:

    would be marvellous to see a Dominic Holland book turned into a big screen film.We live in hope,heh?

  2. Renata B.F says:

    I didn’t found any place to write this but, is for a very special day 🙂 :
    Congratulations to her beloved son, Tom 🙂 I wish you the best of the best for his son, which celebrates its 17 years old! God! is already a teenager! e been waiting for another movie where Tom comes out 🙂 I’m so eager “) already out How I live now! Everyone is waiting for that right? well, as you know many, too many people would rather take a great affection for Tom. Is a person so sweet, so simple, so kind 🙂 I have great affection for Tom to me is … everything. You as I have so much affection and wish him well in his performance. Believe it or not, I am very proud of her excellent son, when he won best actor chok” revelation” stay in lol the truth if he deserved that post and also i was very proud when it came out in the Jameson Empire Awards 😀 was like crazy watching it on stage, well, you I guess as Holland family will be proud 🙂 A big applause to the parents of Tom, Mrs. Nicole and Dominic of course. I’m still here waiting for more Tom prizes and a whole list of movies Dominic 🙂 Stay tuned because now Eclipsed will be an entire new story for humanity. I wish you the best of the best to your son who is now June 1, his birthday. Well, I think I remember Tom as to which rettwit on Twitter, as @RenataBadilla96 me.
    All the best Tom! I hope you read this humble letter 🙂 with love, Renata BF
    My biggest dream is to meet you in person someday also follow me on Twitter 🙂
    Lol xD 🙂
    I’m waiting for ”In The Heart Of The Sea”, and for ”How I Live Now” :333 OMG i’m like a crazy waiting it….. well, bye :*

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