Lego City Undercover – A review

Before I review this game – I need to fess up on a few things.

The game came to me because of my blog. The game was sent to me with a brand new Wi and Lego goodies on the understanding that I would review the new Lego game for them. They explained that I could review as honestly as I find – warts n all if necessary.

I also need to explain that I loathe all computer games. I don’t like my kids playing them and I am massively suspicious of any adults who play them. My twins are currently obsessed with Fifa and it grates on me every time it is on. I would rather them read a book but this is unlikely to happen and next best would be to kick a real ball about the park or our garden – anything other than stare at a screen. (Like I do all, albeit as I write).

Or make some Lego perhaps. You know the ones that come in those boxes. I confess here now to being a big fan of Lego. We have a little tradition in the Holland household – that when I go abroad to gig, I bring back a box of Lego for my youngest. I usually buy him a box for a few years above his age because his three older brothers usually help him to make it.

But it is the making of the toy that is the real allure. Once made, then it is most usually, game over. None of my boys ever play with the completed toy. And as clever and intricate as these toys are  – they are also as brittle – and over a month or so, they slowly disintergrate and spread themselves liberally throughout my house.

This strikes me as an immediate advantage of the Wi Game – Lego City Undercover. There are no bits to clog up my hoover or worse, get tordden on by a bare foot – and this is a good thing.

So onto the game itself. My twin, Harry is the director of IT operations in the Holland house and so he set it up for me. As the game started, it quickly occured to me that this game was not for his age group (so mine neither) – but luckily, my youngest, Patrick, fits the demographic perfectly.

And he loves it.

Which is no real surprise. The game allows him to play the dashing Chase McCain, maverick cop on any number of daring missions. Laced with good humour – at least judging by his chuckling anyaway – as he negotiates Lego City in a car that allows him to drive over and through almost anything – causing carnage with impunity – he is a happy kid indeed.

The true sign of a successful game is this.

Today is Friday. This is half term and all week the weather has been terrible. Today the weather is fine, even warm. And Patrick is not wanting to leave our front room. 

My twins on the other hand are in the garden playing real football. I turned Fifa off and turned them outside. They seem to be enjoying themselves bit no doubt, they still think that I am a dick. 

After all, Patrick is still in the lounge – on the Wi and with my blessing – I can almost hear – “it’s not fair” emanating through the garden and this is another reason why I am delighted with the game so far.

I love teasing my kids and this has been a perfect opportunity. Thank you Lego.


3 thoughts on “Lego City Undercover – A review

  1. James says:

    Ahh, the lego games. I used to love them, but as I grew older they became less and less appealing to me. Just a reminder, because I know you’re a fan of video games and would be very upset at getting this wrong, the Wii has two i’s.

    I look forward to your next review 🙂

  2. Kirsty Whiteoak says:

    Hi Dom I don’t have a wi but I do have a Xbox 360 and everyday I play shooting games Like Alien vs Predator or Red Dead Redemption what is my best game and I am not going to say why.

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