A top dad or a fool?

So this weekend marks a number of landmarks in the Holland household.

My eldest son turned 17 which rather dates my act!

But as well as this – two other landmarks…

On IMDBpro (the internet movie database) – it states on the page of Tom Holland – that he is 5ft 6. This is not a dizzy height. Certainly, not a height to aspire to. But it is all the inches that I ever managed. Yesterday, against the wall in our kitchen – and then for confirmation, Tom and I went back to back…

It is now official, Tom is taller than me.

This means that his IMDB is wrong – because he is now 5ft 7 (with hopefully a new more inches to go) – either that, or I am shrinking already and this is not something I prepared to countenance.

And the final landmark.

Last week, Tom and I played golf. On the 18th hole, Tom beat me. I only managed to cling on for so long because he can’t putt. So what prompts the title of this post – am I a hero dad or a fool?

Well, for his birthday, I bought him a swanky new putter.

You can decide for yourselves which I am.


10 thoughts on “A top dad or a fool?

  1. Sharon Jones says:

    I think you are a wonderful dad, I only wish my daughter’s father cared for her in the same way. You are setting a great example to your sons, who I am sure will go on to be lovely fathers too (and not forgetting your wife must have had something to do with it too!!!!)

    • Dominic says:

      hi sharon, that’s very kind of you – but we all do our best I guess and hope for some luck along the way as well – of which I have had a decent share or slice

      • Sharon Jones says:

        Thank you Dominic for your reply, you’ve made my day (as wasn’t expecting), sadly you are wrong when you say “we all try our best”, as my chocolate T-pot of an ex couldn’t be bothered to try even a little bit (My very loyal daughter has given him numerous chances over the last 10 years, to no avail). My daughter and I love seeing you guest on The Wright Stuff, and your love for your family and your massive respect for your wife always shines through.

        He has been such a negative character in her life, so it has been a hard slog ensuring that she knows that most fathers are wonderful (don’t want her to be a man-hater), so it helps to see you on TV. (sorry for waffling)

        • Dominic says:

          Oh dear, sorry to hear this – but you seem to be a pillar of a parent and this alone is a great place on which your daughter should build – albeit not to belittle her heartache but to say, she is more fotunate than a great many – so build from there – and all good fortune to you both.

  2. Kirsty Whiteoak says:

    you sound like my dad well my step dad and his a top dad so you are a top dad but my real dad well he is a dick I have not seen my real dad in 15 year and he has been in prison for trying to stip my mum with a kichen knif

  3. Mr Gazz says:

    I always enjoy your amusing slices of life. I think of fast shows sad competitive dad and consider that a man at peace with himself wants his son to be a better version of himself.
    That has to feel like success as a parent, but with himself at 7, I’m only getting beaten at battleships, it may hurt more when he beats me at everything!

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