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Oh dear, James Caan – under the auspices of a politician has fallen victim to the classic – do as I say and not as I do – when he urged parents not to give a leg up to their kids.

It has since been revealed that Caan’s own kids have plumb jobs in his own companies. And why not, would be my argument, the difference being is that I would never have been so stupid to say such a thing.

Politicians are the absolute masters of – “do as I say…”

Shirley Williams as home secretary abolished grammar schools and somehow squared sending her own daughter to a fee paying London hothouse. Keith Milliband, the eminent Marxist academic bagged a place at Oxbridge for his son, David, despite his grade D in Physics A level. Pity the kid who didn’t get a place but who managed a grade A in physics but had a less influential dad? And witness the number of new MPs we will see in the years to come. Famous surnames like Straw, Blair and Benn amongst others are all being preened.

Any profession that is over-subscribed is fertile ground for nepotism – and no more so than show business and media. The media in general is absolutely littered with famous surnames.

Researchers and runners in film and TV production companies are some of the most contested jobs on earth – especially since so many vacancies are filled by nephews, nieces, sons, daughters… But isn’t this just the way of the world?

Personally I rage against nepotism – but only because my dad was a teacher and my mum was a nurse and neither profession appealed very much. Had my old been a movie director, then I would have been delighted for his wisdom and even more so, his introductions.

And on this – and finally – I come to my own offspring. Harry Holland will appear in a film this summer called DIANA – and Tom will appear in a film called HOW I LIVE NOW – with filming starting on IN THE HEART OF THE SEA this September –

Which makes me sound like a mad pushy parent – but any readers of this blog or my book will be able to explain – has all happened by complete chance and has everything to do with my wife and almost nothing to do with me.

Not that I wouldn’t help my kids wherever I can – but I will do so unashamedly. I ‘m with James Caan when it comes to looking out for my kids – the difference being that I would never agree to an initiative by Nick Clegg – a man who is moving the goal posts in order to get his kid in a comprehensive school outside his catchment area – thereby doing exactly what he is decrying other parents for.

Classic Politics. Do as I say – not as I do…



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