Harry Shitting His Pants…

When writing Eclipsed and indeed in my ongoing life and my career output, one of my golden rules is not to compromise my boys nor to embarrass them.

Which explains why I have not included in Eclipsed the awkward incident in Thailand when one of my boys (Harry) happened to shit his pants.

There are many advantages of being able to include Tom in the audio book of Eclipsed but an unexpected upside is that Tom is more than happy to throw any of this brothers under the bus and why the unfortunate anecdote of Harry’s bowel movement is discussed here.

And on this, there is one correction/addition I would like to make…

Even though my memory is becoming less reliable, my morals and my sense of right and wrong remains implacable – so, for the record, I would like to refute Tom’s assertion that when Harry came to me in his moment of need – that I shouted out for everyone to hear…

“You’ve shit your pants.”

I cannot say this for absolute certain – but I do not think this happened. Not the bowel movement. That definitely happened. But that I would shout out such a thing and embarrass Harry even further.

My instincts would have been to protect my little lad and get him somewhere private and preferably with running water and soap. This I duly  and this makes me a hero which probably doesn’t come over enough in Eclipsed with Tom taking far too much of the glory.

(Just saying)

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