Takes on Life Vol.1

Takes on Life strikes me as a good book title for a non-fiction funny book.

Takes being used as a verb – as in to take on something like a challenge.

And also my take…  as in my perspective on something or other.

I think this is clever and I am surprised that Takes on Life has not been used already. (I am often surprised and even more often, I am wrong).

I recall from my meetings with book publishers back in the day that non-fiction comedy is a tough sell.

“Do you have anything else, like a novel, for instance…”

I did. I pitched Only in America and changed my life (sort of) but I still figured at the time that these people were wrong about non-fiction comedy books. Funny books are an easy sell, assuming they are funny that is.

But now having published Takes on Life Vol.1, it would appear that might have been right after all.

Either that, or perhaps Takes 1 is just not funny?

Er, no, not true. It is funny and don’t take my word for it – please, refer to the stellar reviews the book has garnered (so far).

Now, you may be wondering why I am writing this rather confusing blog about a non-fiction book that sold rather poorly.

Well, you see because I have big plans for Takes on Life.

Obviously, there will be a Vol.2 (written already) but in addition to this series of books, I plan for Takes to become the springboard for Dominic Holland to finally find his fame and fortune commensurate with his abundant comedic talents (my tongue is in my cheek btw) (which I hope I needn’t have explained but I do so, just in case)… and I intend to achieve this via a podcast – because I am now satisfied that podcasts really are a thing. I am late to this of course. About a decade late but this is quite normal for me. Incidentally, I am about to start streaming music via my phone…

Ahead of this worldwide smash hit podcast – Dominic Holland Takes on Life – to begin this reformation (career re-launch), today I have made Takes 1 eBook exclusively available on Amazon – which allows this important and life changing book to be read for FREE.

Since you are here on my BOOKS website, I assume you are keen on books and so it might be that you are eligible to start reading Takes – on Amazon. Please do so if you haven’t read Takes (highly likely) and keep an eye out for the forthcoming accompanying podcast (unsure when exactly)

And if you enjoy Takes 1 (highly likely) then please tell your friends and help me spread this important book to the world.

Thank you.









2 thoughts on “Takes on Life Vol.1

  1. Kim Chapman says:

    Already have a copy of Takes on Life Vol. 1 and absolutely loved it. Will definitely be getting a copy of Takes on Life 2 when it is released and the podcasts when they come out. Lots to look forward to!

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